Braden Noyes

The best localizations require a bit of artistic license.


Writer / Editor / Japanese -> English Translator

My name is Braden Noyes. I first developed an interest in Japanese anime and culture when I was a teenager in the 1990s, which eventually led to me studying the language in high school. My interest in the language and culture only grew from there, and I went on to double major in Japanese and Multimedia Design at the University of Oregon. After graduating in 2008, I moved to Japan and taught English for about eight years before getting hired as an English curriculum writer/editor for the content division of Toshin High School, the largest chain of prepatory schools in Japan.

While living in Japan, I began translating various anime and manga in my free time, and in 2014 I was given the opportunity to do the official English translation of a smartphone game titled Beast Breakers. Later that year, I also helped translate a short novella titled Alice’s Tale, which is available in e-book form on the Japanese Amazon Kindle. I moved back to the United States in December 2016 and have been working as a freelance translator ever since.


For the Love of Stories

Most of my work in translation has been in video games, but I have also worked on a number of manga, visual novels, websites, and even some operating manuals. Over the years, I have come to realize there is one thing in particular I enjoy translating most: a good story. I personally love reading, and I believe that is why I find so much satisfaction in helping bring Japanese content to the English-speaking world.

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